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The house is in a little town in wich we can find different landscapes on Lake Maggiore in the northern Italy.
Between an old castle, a mix of 1800 architecture, horses places, thinking of a seventies rich period and middles ages war we found this beautiful big villas that remand to a big cottage in the country.
It has been completely renewed without loosing the original aim and details, the materials are the typical necessary to be involved in this kind of house in which the stone is mixed with wood and everything with some modern metal touch. It has something of American in it, something of special that brings you in a sophisticated but informal aim.
The properties ask for a completely open floor, so we can find all the main rooms at the ground floor and at the first level with a very scenografic effect and a open floor for the parties.
The furniture is a mixture between classic vintage design and modern pieces.
The garden covers about 10 000 sqm and in it we can find a big swimming pool, a tennis field an a small depandance.


1 Maggio 2018