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Matteo Piero Ceretti graduated as an architect in 2005 at the Polytecnic School of Milan (a scientific-technological university) and immediately has had many roles as project manager for major projects there. From 2007 to 2011 he worked as a senior architect at several architectural firms in Milan on large projects. He then started his own architectural studio in his hometown Angera, where he designed private homes and prestigious private buildings. He utilizes the best craftsmen to make sure that the construction process is done correctly and finished off to the best and highest possible standard. Every little detail counts and there is always the best technical solution to be found. He strives for an optimal completion that is architecturally not criticizable from any point of view. Our contemporary architectural studio uses many key individuals with the skills to cover all the possible cases that are required in a project. We make use of only the best professionals including a structural engineer, thermal engineer, safety engineer, specialist in acoustics, and one responsible for security. All this under the guidance of architect Matteo Piero Ceretti.