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“ Ok, let’s go to see this flat” these my words in a boring day in the 20 22 summer.

I parked the car just in front of the building on the lake road, closed to the boat station. I arrived at the door and immediately my mood was changing, the door was a craftsmanship masterpiece in wood from the 20ies, and so the day was no more so boring, the frames at the windows were an artistic exercise.

We went up, first floor the flat. It was a special place, but why? The bathroom was awful with a step in the middle, the heating system was more a museum type than a service. But it was special because all the main parts of the house were as in the 20ies, so 100 years before.

The Property was in agreement with me, we decided to keep as most as possible included the 1920 windows, we wanted an extra  room, we reused an old door in the old way. The bathroom has been renewed with a lake spirit, so some colours and some hornamental signs but in a modern spirit, the kitchen is totally modern and it has a green touch as the bathroom, so, we are ready for an ’aperitivo’ watchching at the “Isola Bella” in a bellepoque mood, but now.  A good courage way keeping


14 Febbraio 2024