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The apartament borns in an a vintage green garden .
Between Palme and Ortensie with Firs around and the hill behind you, earing nothing a part some birds, a fox in the night and a far boat engine on the lake , watching at the castle between the tries and thinking of an old family you can find this flat coming from the partition of an old villa.
The first part of the house is 18th century age but the grandfather of the property made an important reconstruction in the 60s so we can find different styles mixed but with a perfect dialogue between them.
The work as been mainly a choose of what to keep, what to rediscover and what to avoid. The reconstruction has been a dialogue with the house , itself seem to have find the right way. The materials are the woods and the colour are the whites and greys.
The plan has been studied as an house-study for a young professionist and the rooms can change their intended use quickly.
The furniture is a mixture between old family pieces and modern ones.
The garden is inside the old and bigger one but completely independent with the icon essence of the place and iron gates and lamps old style between the trees and modern ones on the house.


1 Marzo 2018